Duchess Box Records

Duchess Box Records

Nominiert als Bestes Label

Duchess Box Records was founded in Berlin in 2014 by Grant Box who had moved to Berlin as an artist manager in 2007 from London. The principle of the label was to be for German female artist, before it had begun to be the topic it deserves to be.

The first album to be released was Sirens by Laura Carbone which draw critical acclaim. This was followed by Gurr's "In My Head" which is become a classic album in German music history, winning the VUT's VIA Award for Best Album, IMPALA European Best independent Album of the Year and was listed at #22 in Musikexpress Top 100 German Albums of All Time.

Gurr's album was also a breakthrough for German indie guitar music to travel across borders in to the United Kingdom and United States. With UK being the biggest selling territory for Gurr and saw them on the front page of The Guardian Newspaper.

Sofia Portanet album "Freier Geist" was another critically acclaimed album that Duchess Box Records wanted to use to bring back Neue Deutsche Welle and bring back an appreciation for German music history within Germany after noticing most artists here were calling US and UK music genres as their main influence but Sofia Portanet made it for a German artist to make German music again, she went on to last year win VUT VIA Award for Best Newcomer and go on to collaborate with Grammy Award winner Chilly Gonzales and German Metal Legends Kreator.

THALA who is one of the rising stars in German music released her debut album Adolescence on Duchess Box in 2021, after being signed to the label during the pandemic and this year sees her perform at all the music festivals.
After Gurr' Laura Lee decided to stay with Duchess Box Records for her new project Laura Lee & the Jettes, the album Wasteland has been another phenomenal critical success for Laura and the label which saw the band tour US in support of the album release now see's her on tour with Beatsteaks before having a break to give birth to her first daughter.

NPR recorded a special feature on Duchess Box Records in April which saw Sofia Portanet, Laura Lee & the Jettes and Shybits make live sessions at Hansa Studios, the feature will be broadcast across 280 radio stations across America by NPR.